BHS Senior Interns at Nelson County Clerk’s Office

Through Bardstown High School’s Path2Pro Program, Halle Calbert was able to find an internship that not only caught her attention, but will prepare her for a future in public service. 

Every afternoon Halle travels to the Nelson County Clerk Office for an internship with Nelson County Clerk Jeanette Hall Sidebottom. Halle’s schedule is different every day. Sometimes she is filing voting papers, termination sheets, and liens, and other times she is mailing out papers, organizing things in the office, and updating ipads. Halle says juggling multiple projects at her internship has helped her to be more organized, self-motivated, and accountable. She says her computer skills, time management, people skills, multitasking, and prioritization skills have all greatly improved since starting her internship as well. 

One of the main things Halle is learning is how to manage an office. “This internship has helped me understand that this is something I could enjoy doing.” She really enjoys the relationships she is building through her internship. Halle explained that she has had to learn how to open up and form relationships on her own, and this is definitely something she will need to know how to do in her future of family resource coordination. 
Halle loves the people she works with at the Clerk’s Office. She explained, “They are all incredibly nice and genuine people who care about every individual in the building.” The patience and kindness her co-workers and boss approach clients with is teaching Halle how to interact with customers in the future. She aspires to help families as a Family Resource Coordinator. Halle is particularly passionate about serving students in kindergarten through fifth grade and the skills she is acquiring at the Nelson County Clerk’s office will prepare her. Halle has always wanted to work with children and help anyone she can, and she feels a Family Resource Coordinator is the perfect option for her.

Story by: Senior Kyndal Ganoe, Communications Intern for Bardstown City Schools

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