Gifted and Talented

Bardstown City Schools is committed to supporting the needs of children who have been identified as possessing the ability to perform at exceptionally high levels. These children are formally identified and provided services based on criteria outlined in 704 KAR 3:285. 

Each identified student has a gifted student service plan to guide their instruction.  This plan is designed by the gifted coordinator and all staff members involved in the student’s education at Bardstown City Schools.

Students in kindergarten through third grade may be referred by their teacher to the Primary Talent Pool.  The Primary Talent Pool is comprised of high potential learners and they meet with the gifted coordinator in small groups and also are challenged by their teachers in the academic area(s) in which they show greatest potential.

Formal testing for Gifted and Talented Services is conducted at the end of a student’s third grade year and all identifications are made during their fourth grade year.

Bardstown City Schools provides instructional support programs to assist schools in determining appropriate services for students identified as Gifted and Talented.  Students are identified and serviced in the areas of general intellectual ability, specific academic ability, creativity, leadership, and the visual and performing arts. These services are provided during the school day, with some extra-curricular offerings outside regular school hours.

Many service options can be offered for students with exceptionally high intelligence or for those who qualify under areas such as creativity or the arts. Some of these are differentiating instruction to meet higher level academic needs, accelerating students in content areas, flexible small grouping of students with the same academic needs, independent studies designed for specific students, and advanced placement and honors courses.

Amy Adams, the Gifted and Talented Coordinator for Bardstown City Schools, acts as a resource for the school staff by providing specific instructional assistance for the teachers and providing information on special projects and activities for gifted and talented students.  These services are provided in order to challenge students to reach their full potential as well as raising the “learning ceiling” for students who are so advanced.



Amy Adams

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