Celebrating Excellence: The Brenda Buffin Excellence in Career Technical Education Award

The Brenda Buffin Excellence in Career Technical Education award honors outstanding seniors at Bardstown High School who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and achievement within their respective career and technical education (CTE) pathways. This prestigious award recognizes students who have made significant contributions to the success of CTE through the quality of their work and their active involvement in the CTE community.

Named after the esteemed former BHS business teacher, Ms. Brenda Buffin, this award commemorates her impactful career and dedication to education. Ms. Buffin began her teaching journey in 1977, instructing students on touch typing using IBM Selectric typewriters. Over her 30-year career, she adeptly navigated the evolving landscape of business technology, ensuring her students were always equipped with the latest skills and knowledge. From the increasing use of computers in business to the transformation of course content, Ms. Buffin’s commitment to staying current was unwavering.

Beyond the classroom, Ms. Buffin played a vital role in the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) as an advisor from 1986. Her leadership provided students with opportunities to participate in regional, state, and national competitions, fostering their skills and offering valuable networking experiences. Locally, she served as the department chair, CTE Coordinator, high school STC, and SBDM member. At the state level, she contributed to curriculum development, teacher conferences, and the creation of testing instruments for CTE. Her dedication to vocational education was further solidified with a Master of Education degree from the University of Louisville.

This year marks the inaugural presentation of the Brenda Buffin Excellence in Career Technical Education award. The first recipients, recognized for their outstanding contributions and achievements, are:

  • Lukas Greer, Engineering
  • Ashton Davis, Culinary Arts
  • Katie Van Hoose, Health Science
  • Kayleigh Hines, Business
  • Trinity Yocum, Family Consumer Science

These students embody the spirit of excellence that Ms. Buffin championed throughout her career. Their achievements not only honor her legacy but also set a high standard for future students pursuing career and technical education at Bardstown High School.

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