The Kindness Project Apparel Sale

BCS School Psychologist team is launching The Kindness Project Apparel Sale and all proceeds of The Kindness Project Sale benefit the BCS Kindness Project.  The Kindness Project Sale will go through October 5, 2022. Merchandise will come in two weeks after the sale concludes. Individuals who purchase items will be contacted via email and/or phone once their orders are available to pick up.  Orders will be available to pick up at the Bardstown City Schools Board of Education Office located at 308 N. Fifth Street.

The Kindness Project, organized by BCS School Psychologists, is a school-wide letter writing campaign. Through the project every second through fifth grade student gets the opportunity to write a letter to lift up the spirit of a classmate. Every Friday a few students from each class head to the cafeteria. Once there they select a classmate to write a personal letter to and pick out a friendship bracelet to include with their note. 

The Kindness Project kicked off as a way to make people smile and bring people back together after COVID-19.

Letters are delivered through the campus mail system every Monday. Students are surprised when they walk into their classroom and see a letter addressed to them on their desk. So far during the 2022-23 school year, 200 students have given a letter and 200 have received a letter.


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