Update On Yesterday’s Incident

BCS Families,

It is important to provide an update based on the report of a threat the authorities received on Wednesday afternoon.  As you already know, it was determined that the threat directed toward BMS and BHS was not credible and that students on the 5th Street Campus were safe.  Our local law enforcement investigated the call’s origin and determined it originated from a number that could not be traced.  In addition, police confirmed that other threatening calls happened across the country yesterday, all of which prompted emergency responses but were ultimately determined not to be credible.  The police continue to look for more information and are confident the individual that made the call had the sole intent to insight concern and panic. This kind of activity is called “swatting,” and serious consequences can occur for anyone responsible for such actions.

Although these situations can be very challenging to navigate, BCS is so grateful for the prompt response from our School Resource Officer, Andrew Riley, Bardstown Police Department, Nelson County Sheriff’s Office, Kentucky State Police, Bardstown Fire and Nelson County EMS. All of these agencies responded within two minutes of receiving the initial callWe’re thankful our families understand and appreciate that our actions are first always to ensure everyone is safe and second to communicate accurate information.

Finally, because situations like this can cause many different emotions, do not hesitate to contact our schools if you feel your student needs additional support.  For ideas of how you might communicate with your child, see hereWe are grateful for the continued support of our community.

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