National Tik Tok Challenge Encourages Disruption of Schools

BCS Parents and Guardians,

The Kentucky Center for School Safety has notified all Kentucky school districts of a national Tik Tok challenge issued for December 17, 2021. The Tik Tok challenge encourages the disruption of schools by making threats of violence toward the school. I felt it was important to be proactive and make our school community aware of this information that is circulating on social media nationwide. We are not aware of anyone participating in this challenge with intentions to disrupt instruction at Bardstown City Schools.

Everyone in our school community plays a critical role in keeping Bardstown City Schools safe. Parents and guardians please discuss this challenge with your child and explain the serious consequences that would result for anyone participating in challenges like this.  In addition, please continue to have regular conversations with your students about the responsible use of social media and continue to monitor your child’s social media accounts. 

We recognize that not all students fully understand the serious consequences of their actions on social media; particularly when it comes to social media challenges. That’s why we’re asking for your help ensuring children understand the serious repercussions that can result from inappropriate comments, photos, videos and participation in any negative social media challenges.  In cases like the challenge I am informing you about today, violators would face serious disciplinary action and possible criminal charges. 

With your help, I am confident tomorrow will be a productive and fun day for our students as we enter the holiday season.

Dr. Ryan P. Clark

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