Student interns with House Plans by J.D. Riggs

At Bardstown High School, students can experience careers they may be interested in pursuing while earning high school credit. These internships are part of Bardstown City Schools’ Path2Pro program, a program that helps students develop their academic and post-secondary goals.

Calub Alford, a Bardstown High School senior taking courses in the Path2Pro engineering concentration, started an internship at House Plans by J.D. Riggs in June. Through his internship, Calub is experiencing one possible future career in engineering. 

“I am drawing house plans and assisting with revisions a client may request to a plan,” said Calub. “Any time I get an uncommon plan or request I learn something new.”

At House Plans by J.D. Riggs, they develop blueprints for a variety of structures including house plans, barndominiums, garages, storage units, tiny houses, commercial properties, and even hobbit homes! Calub works closely with Devon Riggs, project manager for the company. Devon meets with clients to identify their needs and compiles a brief that she then hands off to Calub. Calub uses the briefing to draw the client’s blueprints. In just four months Calub has completed 60 projects from start to finish. 

“Mr. Hunt’s engineering classes really prepared me for this internship,” said Calub. “The skills I learned in his AutoCAD classes help me every day here at work.”

While Calub came with AutoCAD experience he is learning a lot about the structural part of house and building designs. Such as what type of support should be used for a basement, and how to plan for retaining walls, roof pitches, and types.

“My colleagues have helped me get better at finding ways to solve problems when the first solution doesn’t work,” shared Calub. “This experience has also helped me determine that civil engineering will likely be my second career choice.”

These internship placements are mutually beneficial. Calub is the second Bardstown High student to intern with House Plans by J.D. Riggs. Last year, Skylar Kehm ‘23, interned with the company. Skylar now attends Murray State University but is still working for House Plans by JD Riggs virtually.

“As a small business the cost to hire another ‘me’ doesn’t make sense,” said J.D. Riggs. “The internship program helps a small business and the student gets real work experience.”

“This allows us to reach out to the community and benefit students’ futures,” added Devon Riggs.

Calub works at House Plans by J.D. Riggs Monday through Friday. Once he graduates, Calub plans to attend college and study engineering.

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